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Why lease?

Less cash now

Whether you're shopping for a $2000 "starter" bike or a $10,000 factory build, the purchase prices for new bikes continue to climb.  We're here to help you ride the new bike you want without emptying your savings account. Only a small down payment is required to start the process.

Easy to upgrade

If you've ever sold a bike online, you know it can be a challenge. Listing your bike online takes effort. When you get a lead, figuring out if you're dealing with a low baller or scammer is always on your mind. Finally, boxing, shipping and insuring your bike, can take a significant amount of money and time.

Love it, keep it

You don't have to turn-in your bike at the end of the lease.  If you love it, keep it.  You'll know ahead of time what your bike will cost to purchase at the end of the lease. In essence, you have a guaranteed buy-back price one or two years into the future.



Visit your local bike shop or research online to finalize the bike and build kit you want to lease​. Fill out the form below so we can provide you a detailed quote.



Apply for credit, select your lease length (either one or two years) and finalize your lease terms. We require 10% down payment to order the bike and first month's payment at delivery



Head to your local bike shop to take delivery of your new bike​. The shop will dial in your suspension and provide you service during the life of the lease.



Ride as much as you like during your lease - there are no mileage restrictions



When your lease ends, return your bike to your local shop for inspection. You can purchase the bike for your predetermined price or move on to something new.

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About us

Many great business ideas arise from shared passions amongst friends and Wheelease is no different.  Why was Wheelease founded?  Because we believe bike ownership suffers from two major problems:

First, bikes are getting more and more expensive every year with some range-topping bikes hitting five-figure levels.  Bike ownership can be daunting.  Seasoned riders might not want to spend top dollar for a high-end bike, while beginners are hesitant to spend a big chunk of change on a new pastime they’ve yet to begin.

Second, selling or getting rid of our used bikes is tedious and cumbersome.  We post our used bike listings online at eBay, Craigslist or Pinkbike, then wait anxiously for a buyer.  Ultimately, the transaction is challenged by finding a reputable buyer that isn’t trying to scam you.  Or, we look into trade-in programs and end up getting way less than we would hope or expect. Buyers also tend to be hesitant since the warranty will not transfer to them from the original owner.  And, if you've made it past all of these hurdles, you’ll need to deal with boxing your bike, insuring it and having it shipped.

We believe that leasing is a far superior solution to that of traditional bike ownership.  Wheelease allows you to find the bike you really want to ride.  Then work with a bike shop to order and deliver it and pay a low monthly payment for the desired length of time.  And with Wheelease, you have great options at the end of the term: buy it if you still love it, or return it so you can move on to the latest, longest, slackest bike of the day.

Wheelease was born on a bike ride with the goal of making the mountain bike riding experience more attainable.  We hope you agree and plan to see you out on the trails in the years ahead.


How long is a typical lease?

You can select 12 or 24 month lease terms with Wheelease.

How much is a typical lease payment?

With a 10% down payment, a typical monthly payment for a $2000 bike is approximately $80 plus tax for a 12 month lease term and $50 plus tax for a 24 month lease term.

Can I keep my leased bike?

Yes! If you have completed the lease term and made all payments, you will have the option to purchase the bike for a predetermined price. The price will be listed in your lease contract so there won't be any ambiguity as to what the final cost will be.

I'm not located in Southern California. Can I still lease a bike?

We are launching in Southern California with select partner bike shops. Let us know where you are located by sending us a quote request so we can better deterimine where we should launch next.

Do I need insurance to lease a bike?

While you are not required to carry insurance for your leased bike, we strongly encourage you to do so. As a lessee, you are financially responsible for the bike if it is stolen or damaged. A renters or homeowners insurance policy may cover this liability, depending on the value of the bike you are leasing.

I own a bike shop and would like to offer my customers the Wheelease program. How do I get started?

Please send your contact info to and we will be in touch.

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